The Women’s Fund Advisory Board is composed of community leaders who believe deeply in ensuring that the needs of women and girls in Middle Tennessee are met both today and tomorrow. Our Advisory Board members are a diverse group of women with a common passion for our community and the desire to improve the lives of all of its women and children

Our 2016-2017 Board Members

Estie Harris, Chair
Elizabeth Akers
Meera Ballal
Jean Ann Banker
Dawn Becker
Louise Bryan
Holly Coltea
Leslie DiPiero
Missy Eason
Beth Fortune
Appy Frenchman
Melissa Frist
Mary Gambill
Lynn Ghertner
Ellen Green
Phyllis Hildreth
Collins Hooper
Marci Houff
Susan Short Jones
Beverly Keel
Ann Kloeppel
Stacey Garrett Koju
Ellen Lehman
Jan Maddox
Jody Mattison
Rita Mitchell
Julia Morris
Caroline Mullen
Barbara Keith Payne
Phyllis Qualls-Brooks
Mary Jo Shankle
Laura Smith
Cassie Sturdivant
Mandy Young
Nancy Zoretic