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Kia Jarmon / Lisa Young

We love being black.

As women of color, we know all too well the daily challenges our communities face. The murders of Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, David Hambrick, Jacques Clemmons and now David McAtee are personal to us.

We feel the pain and frustration for their families and communities. Black Philanthropy is about embracing and preserving the beauty of our culture and heritage. We understand that economic equality and justice for all communities of color are central to the struggle.

We are about action.

The Give Black Give Back Initiative invites you to join us as we work together to strengthen our families, our communities, our neighborhoods and our friends during this difficult time.

Please see the listing of funds and nonprofits below to support. Read our stories, hear our hearts and Give.


Lisa Swift-Young & Kia Jarmon
Co-Chairs Give Black, Give Back

Honor A True Bright Light

Tia Barbour Hale Legacy Fund

It is with deep sadness and high regard that we request the community’s financial support for the Tia Barbour-Hale OGOT Legacy Fund.

Tia was a middle school classmate of mine but our most important relationship was as partners, collaborating on my son’s therapy  journey. As a parent one of the greatest joys is having someone see the beauty, the genius, and the individuality of your child. Her nature was to nurture, and she did that and more.

She was a true bright light.

Tia’s legacy is a symbolic reminder of why we launched Give Black, Give Back. Black individuals have long been change agents and champions for the enhancement of our community; through spiritual gifts, monetary contributions, or by giving time. Tia’s life and her work – both professionally, as a wife and mother, and as a friend – was a reflection of our role as philanthropists.

We ask that the community celebrate Tia’s life by supporting her last brave act – making it financially possible for students in our school system to benefit from the hiring of additional occupational therapists.

Thank you in advance for honoring her wishes and gifting our next generation the opportunity to recognize their brilliance.

With love and honor,
Kia Jarmon

About The Tia Barbour-Hale OGOT Legacy Fund
The Tia Barbour-Hale OGOT Legacy Fund honors the life of Tia Barbour-Hale, a 2006 graduate of Tennessee State University’s Occupational Therapy Program. Professionally, Tia was an occupational therapist dedicated to empowering Nashville’s exceptional needs students and their families to excel personally and intellectually through nonprofits offering customized educational programs and independently ensuring long-term success in life. This Memorial Fund provides grant funding to support the work of occupational therapists serving special education students in Metro Nashville Public Schools.


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