The Women’s Fund is dedicated to increasing support in Middle Tennessee for programs serving women and girls. The Women’s Fund was established within the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee in 1994 by a committee of community leaders who wanted to invest in long-term solutions for transforming the lives of women and girls, improving the well-being of our entire community.

The Women’s Fund awards grant funding to programs addressing:

• Achievement of economic self-sufficiency for women
• Prevention of violence and crime against women and girls
• Promotion of health and physical well-being and talent for women and girls

A Permanent Endowment

The Women’s Fund is working to become Middle Tennessee’s leading resource for identifying and supporting the needs of women and girls. As the only endowed fund of this kind, by building our capital to $10 million we can affect powerful social change within our constituencies.

Through our endowment within the Community Foundation, the interest generated from the Fund is given annually to provide support to programs dedicated to helping women and girls in our community. As the principal grows, so does our ability to meet crucial needs and effect social change.

At $10 million, our ability to address current needs in our community will increase almost fivefold to $500,000 annually, enabling The Women’s Fund to not only address immediate needs, but also to address the root cause of the needs – to help craft solutions and effect social change. Growing the endowment enables us to shift from intervention to prevention, from temporary to permanent, and from short-term to transformative. Unmet needs will be met. Women’s lives will be transformed.

Building Endowment

We are building on a solid foundation – more than 27 years of providing the vehicle for women-led change in the lives of women and girls and, as a result, their families and community. The Women’s Fund has been a catalyst, identifying challenges, marshaling resources and pursuing opportunities, and has granted more than $2.07 million to scores of area nonprofits in Middle Tennessee.

We have come so far, and yet we have only just begun to meet the tremendous challenges that lie ahead for women and girls in Middle Tennessee. To connect more individuals and families with resources that bring health, hope, education and enrichment, The Women’s Fund seeks to grow its endowment and grantmaking abilities.

We have the opportunity to focus on women-led solutions by providing leadership and stewardship in identifying the needs and supporting solutions. Together, we can unite money, ideas and actions to create lasting change for women and girls, their families and our community.

To learn about opportunities to contribute toward our endowment building goal, contact us at 615-321-4939.

The Women’s Fund of the Community Foundation is For Women … For Generations.

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Jenni Moscardelli

Jenni Moscardelli

Women's Fund Coordinator

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