Welcome to The Community Foundation scholarship program. The scholarship application are now closed!

Thanks to the generosity of our donors dedicated to investing in students’ futures, The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee is administers more than 150 scholarship funds through an open application process. We offer two categories of scholarships, General Donor Scholarships and Special Requirement Scholarships.

In 2021, a total of $745,000 has been awarded from The Community Foundation’s scholarship funds.

The students are attending 151 unique colleges and universities from 31 states, with three international students from Canada.

“Getting an education is one of the most important milestones in life, but for many, it comes with a great burden,” said Ellen Lehman, president of The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee. “We feel honored to help students receive a quality education, made possible by donors who wish to make a difference. It is a privilege to connect generosity with need in this way.”

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General Scholarships

These scholarship funds have been established by our generous donors to help students from a particular school or area, students pursuing a specific field of study, students with significant financial need and many other qualifications. We encourage all students pursuing educational opportunities to complete this one application for endless scholarship opportunities.

Special Requirement Scholarships

These scholarships have been created by generous donors with special requirements such as revolving deadlines or they are employer based for employees to purse educational opportunities.

Making a Difference for 25 Years: Scholarships at CFMT

Trehon Coleman

Going to college costs money, and lots of it.

For the past quarter-century, thousands of students have had their educational dreams become reality, though, thanks to The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee’s scholarship program.

CFMT has awarded $27.7 million in scholarships to 10,450 students since 1995.

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Mid-DecemberThe General Scholarship is open to the public
February 1stGeneral Scholarship Application Deadline, all supporting materials must be submitted
Mid-FebruaryScholarship Committee meets and selects recipients
April 15thApplicants notified of the Committee’s decisions
May-JuneFinal materials received from all recipients

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Find Scholarships

To be eligible for any scholarships offered through the Foundation, students only have to complete one application. To access, click on Apply. If you would...

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First Time Applicants

First Time Applicants Access the Application – Scroll down & click the APPLY NOW button Create a Student Account In the SIGNUP box, enter your...

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Scholarship Renewal

ALL PAST RECIPIENTS must reapply to be eligible for renewal consideration. Before you access the online application, please review the points below. Access the Application...

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Scholarship Toolkit

Our scholarship toolkit is a resource to help applicants navigate through the process with ease.

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Scholarship Recipients

The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee, a charitable organization working to improve the quality of life in 40 Middle Tennessee and three Kentucky counties, announces...

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Special Requirement Scholarships

Scholarships for Father Ryan High School, St. Cecilia Academy and employees of Healthstream, Genesco, Dollar General, Metro Police

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Tapping Individual Potential

The Community Foundation’s TIP program works with rising fifth through eighth grade Metro Nashville public school students who have extraordinary talent, but who may not...

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Scholarship Resources

Financial Aid Information finaid.org is one-stop shopping for all types of financial aid information. It provides links to many other sites. Use How to Fill...

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Scholarship FAQs

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Create a Scholarship

Our scholarship funds provide an opportunity for donors to honor their loved ones, support the hard work of local students and help the next generation...

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