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When you come to The Community Foundation with a charitable dream or idea, we help ensure you meet your goals efficiently, effectively and with meaning.

The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee has served as a leader in philanthropy for 30 years, bringing good people and good causes together in 43 counties in Middle Tennessee and Kentucky. Our donors come from every corner of the community to achieve their charitable goals and impact a broad range of needs. We ensure the excellent stewardship of lasting charitable funds and support nonprofits that are doing great work that matters for their communities.

The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee works with people who have great hearts, whether or not they have great wealth, to craft solutions that reflect their intentions and goals.

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The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee
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2019 Report to the Community: Giving Always Matters

Who’d a thunk it …

While this Annual Report to you should be fully laser-locked on the work and accomplishments of 2019 — a year during which we were often reminded that Giving Always Matters — I simply cannot ignore the tumultuous series of events that have taken place in the months of 2020.

In this space, we’ve dealt with disasters that have weighed on everyone’s mind, and continue to do so. In fact, we got hit by a one-two-three punch from the storms, the sickness and the sadness.

We have learned to shelter in place, to stay safe, to stay strong, to stay sane. But even in the midst of this physical and mental pain, we are reminded once again that giving, indeed, always matters.

Even in the worst of times, somehow in this community the good comes out, and the generosity of our neighbors helps lighten the burden of many.

Whether it’s a dollar or some coins you found in the couch, no matter if you have great wealth or a great heart, we thank you for being part of connecting generosity with need and acknowledging that Giving Always Matters.

-Ellen Lehman, President of The Community of Middle Tennessee

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