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Discretionary Grant Application Opens Summer 2017

June 20Application and guidelines made available
July 11New Giving Matters Profiles/Placeholder Form due
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The Community Foundation Grants

Grantmaking is at the heart of The Community Foundation’s work.

With deep roots in our community and expertise in effective philanthropy, we are positioned to assess community needs and opportunities and support quality programs providing solutions. We award grants annually to nonprofits for a broad array of charitable purposes in areas such as education, the environment, the arts, health, and social services.

Our discretionary grants are awarded to respond to new programs, emerging needs and innovative services for the benefit of our community. Applications for discretionary grants are accepted annually from tax-exempt, nonprofit organizations serving Middle Tennessee. We are particularly interested in grant proposals addressing currently unmet community needs and providing long-term solutions.

The Board of The Community Foundation has the authority to award discretionary grants and may be aided in its efforts by Fund Advisory Committees constituted for that purpose.

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Nonprofit organizations working to improve the well-being of residents of Middle Tennessee* are eligible and are encouraged to apply for a discretionary grant. Grants will...

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Grant Recipients

The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee is thrilled to announce $2,072,235 in grants to 346 nonprofit organizations as part of the 2017 annual grantmaking process....

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Laundrea Lewis

Laundrea Lewis

Senior Manager, Grants

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Michael McDaniel

Michael McDaniel

Senior Nonprofit and Endowment Liaison

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