Join Give Black, Give Back in celebrating Black Philanthropy Month 2023.

Black Philanthropy Month (BPM) begins its annual month of giving from August 1st to 31st. This year, the theme is “Love in Action.” This is a return to the core meaning of philanthropy, the love of humanity, which includes Black people.

“Our hope is to remind our constituents and the world that Black philanthropy and funding equity are not just about money.  BPM 2023 will highlight the efficacy and innovation of “Black Love in Action” in these hopeful but crisis times through creative philanthropy, business investment, and racial equity advocacy worldwide.”

The core organizing questions for BPM 2023 are:

  • What would philanthropy look like if it were driven by love of all humanity including Black people?
  • What would Black-led philanthropy look like if it were driven by self-love?
  • Building on our equity principles, how can our movement expand love of Black humanity and equity?

Give Black, Give Back’s Recognition of Black Philanthropy Month

Date Event Time
2023-08-01Give Black, Give Back Conversation: Black Philanthropy Month Kick-Off with Kia Jarmon & Lisa Swift-Young ( Facebook )10:30am
2023-08-17Black Philanthropy Month Celebration4:30pm
2023-08-24Give Black, Give Back Conversation: BPM Grantees with Antonio Young ( Facebook )10:30am
2023-08-31Give Black, Give Back Conversation: Black Philanthropy Month Wrap-Up with Kia Jarmon & Lisa Swift-Young ( Facebook )10:30am

You can follow along the 31 Days of Giving calendar, and enjoy the curated audio and visual content below that can help keep you informed and in the spirit of Black philanthropy.

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Black Philanthropy Month History

Founded in 2011 by Dr. Jackie Bouvier Copeland, a San Francisco Bay-area social and environmental justice activist, Black Philanthropy Month is globally recognized and grew from its initial 8 million in-person and online participants in 20 countries in 2006 to more than 19 million across 60 countries. Black Philanthropy Month’s mission is to elevate African-descent giving and illuminate the transformative impact of generosity in Black communities.

Visit the official BPM site to learn more
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Give Black, Give Back believes Black leadership in philanthropy is key to engaging in authentic and informed grantmaking in communities of color.

Give Black, Give Back recognizes donors and the variety of ways they give — not only large gifts, but also the impactful volumes of small gifts and collective giving that Black families, faith-based institutions and civic organizations provide.

The initiative works to engage and encourage Black philanthropists to continue enhancing the vibrancy of our community by:

  • Serving as a resource to amplify the Black-led funds at CFMT;
  • Helping to foster new partnerships among Black philanthropists as well as Middle Tennessee’s nonprofit organizations with similar aspirations for serving the community;
  • Providing access and education to the community at-large to help close the racial wealth gap.
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