Financial Aid Information Websites

  • is one-stop shopping for all types of financial aid information. It provides links to many other sites.
  • is the interactive web version of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.
  • is the best starting point for information on federal student financial aid. It includes links to publications, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), and information on new tax cuts for higher education.
  • lists scholarships available to students attending historically black colleges that are members of The United Negro College Fund/The College Fund.
  • explains various types of financial aid, lists organizations that offer disability-related grants and scholarships, as well as many additional resources.
  • features an extensive financial aid search.
  • provides information about the Tennessee Lottery Scholarship and Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation.
  • provides directions for completing the FAFSA and explanations of different types of financial assistance a student can recieve.

Free Search Services

  • boasts one of the largest free scholarship databases with more than 400,000 listings.
  • is a free online scholarship search services which includes aid programs from 3,300 sponsors and also features college and career search capabilities.
  • features over 500,000 scholarships from 1,500 sponsoring organizations. The site allows students to save listings and create letters requesting more information.

Student Loan Information Websites

  • features budget and student loan calculators, general information on student aid, and links to college search sites.

College and University Websites
If you want to find the website for a specific college or university, use one of these sites. They provide direct links to the home pages of most colleges and universities in the United States.

General Information

  • provides useful information about campus visits, interviews and other parts of the college search process.
  • helps you find overall college planning information and details about the ACT Assessment Test.
  • features a college search program as well as information on financial aid and admissions tests.
  • is the Federal Trade Commission website providing information about spotting and avoiding scholarship rip-offs. Also on this site are links to the Department of Education financial aid information.

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