The Board of Directors is the governing body of The Foundation, responsible for administrative policy and the authorization of all grants.

Each of the members brings his or her own experience and background, whether in business, community service, law, education, finance or other areas to bear on the direction of The Foundation’s work. Their experience with local issues and knowledge of changing economic and social conditions sharpens their ability to function on behalf of The Foundation. It is their responsibility to represent the donors’ interests, to support grantees, and to ensure through the years a most advantageous application of grant dollars.

Lyle Beasley, Chair
Christine Karbowiak Vanek, Vice Chair
Sara Finley, Secretary
Andrew May, Treasurer
Hal Cato, CEO
Will AlexanderJudy Liff Barker
Hugh AtkinsonJack O. Bovender, Jr.
Jamie CheekCharles W. Cook, Jr.
Waverly D. Crenshaw, Jr.Ronald L. Corbin
Beth DeBaucheBob Corker
Shari DennisJana Davis
Sara FinleyMark Emkes
Julie FristRichard J. Eskind
Herb FritchFarzin Ferdowsi
Eddie GeorgeJohn D. Ferguson
Jim GingrichStephen F. Flatt
Max GoldbergBen G. Freeland
Ray GuzmanThomas F. Frist, Jr.
R. Milton JohnsonAlberto R. Gonzales
Cary MackJosé D. González
Will MorrowKerry Graham
Turner Nashe, Jr.Carl T. Haley
Larry PapelAubrey B. Harwell, Jr.
Dee PatelCarol O. Hudler
Wayne SmithCatherine Jackson
Paul StumbDecosta Jenkins
Holly SullivanWilliam C. Koch, Jr.
Gail WilliamsKevin P. Lavender
Jay WilliamsRobert S. Lipman
Alan YoungBert Mathews
Donna D. Nicely
Susan Simons
Deborah Taylor Tate
Charles A. Trost
Jack Turner
Steve Underwood
Betsy Walkup
Jerry B. Williams