In response to the devastating tornadoes that struck our region on December 9, 2023, Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee (CFMT) and United Way of Greater Nashville (UWGN) have activated their emergency relief funds. This partnership is a concerted effort to aid those affected by the disaster with UWGN taking the lead on collecting donations to support recovery efforts in Davidson County and CFMT leading fundraising efforts for the Middle Tennessee counties outside Davidson County that suffered significant damage.

Below is a snapshot of activity from CFMT’s Tennessee Emergency Response Fund. For details on UWGN grantmaking activity, please click here.

December 2023 Tornado Breakdown

(as of February 1, 2024)

Amount Raised / Pledged: $1,849,096.70
Amount Distributed:
Number of Grants: 17 grants have been distributed to 15 organizations

DateGrantee Grant Description
2023-12-23World Central Kitchen350 Visa and Mastercard Gift Cards to be distributed at World Central Kitchen's December 23, 2023 tornado survivor feeding event in Clarksville, TN.
2023-12-27Dickson County Help Center, provide support for response to the December 9, 2023 tornadoes affecting Dickson County. We will send you a link for required reporting on use of these funds.
2023-12-27Irene Center for Hopeto provide support for recovery from December 9, 2023 tornadoes, specifically for temporary housing assistance for tornado survivors in Clarksville. We will send you a link for required reporting on use of these funds.
2023-12-27Sumner County Family YMCAto provide support for response to December 9, 2023 tornadoes impacting Sumner County, specifically to cover assistance provided to support employees via the Hope Fund. We will send you a link for required reporting on use of these funds.
2024-01-05Dickson County Help Center, Inc.To provide immediate needs such as food, emergency housing, and cleanup to families following the tornados.
2024-01-05Gallatin CARESTo offer disaster relief assistance for mortgage/rent payments, utilities, lost wages and other related expenses.
2024-01-05Live Love NashvilleTo provide basic needs to survivors of the December 2023 tornado.
2024-01-05Loaves & FishesTo partner with YAIPak to provide meals to tornado survivors who are living in short-term housing/hotels.
2024-01-05Minds MatterTo provide mental health therapy to survivors of the December 9, 2023 tornado.
2024-01-05SAFE Soldiers and Families EmbracedTo offer free mental health counseling sessions to those with military and first responder affiliation impacted by disaster.
2024-01-05The Irene Center for HopeTo provide temporary housing and household supplies for survivors of the December 2023 tornado.
2024-02-01Manna Cafe MinistriesTo provide hot meals and clothing items to December 2023 tornado survivors.
2024-02-01Mission DiscoveryTo assist December 2023 tornado survivors with debris clean-up and removal, materials for home repairs and rebuilding homes.
2024-02-01Team RubiconTo support December 2023 tornado survivors with debris clean-up & removal, home repairs, and functional access needs for the elderly and those with special needs, and the under/uninsured.
2024-02-01Tennessee Respite CoalitionTo provide respite vouchers for caregivers impacted by the December 2023 tornadoes.
2024-02-01The Hope Station, Inc.To manage nonprofit referral efforts through Charity Tracker for December 2023 tornado survivors in Clarksville-Montgomery County.
2024-02-01United Way of Greater NashvilleTo provide two-year, long-term recovery service Case Manager who will oversee relief efforts for the December 2023 Tornado survivors for Clarksville-Montgomery County. This is year one payment.

In addition to the grants above, CFMT has transferred $101,380 to the United Way of Greater Nashville’s Tornado Response Fund that was designated to Davidson County relief efforts by CFMT donors.

Acknowledging Our Partners

We extend our heartfelt thanks to our individual, foundation, entertainment and business partners for their unwavering support in these trying times.

The Importance of Long-Term Recovery Support

CFMT is acutely aware that more than 82% of all giving comes in during the first few days and that it goes to early relief. But long-term recovery is just that: long. It is also the most expensive stage of recovery but receives only 4% of donations. Our neighbors in Madison, Clarksville, Hendersonville, and beyond are on a long road to becoming whole again, and it will take much more financial support to get them there.

Your Contribution is Vital

We urge individuals, businesses, and organizations to contribute to these relief efforts. Your donations are critical in aiding our communities to recover and rebuild.