Established in 2017

Change We Seek Advised Fund offers grants to nonprofit organizations assisting underserved urban communities. Our mission is to support programs that give these communities the means to be in control of their own economic destiny.

The 3 Categories that supported nonprofits should be focusing on are as follows:

  • Community Improvement
  • Housing & Shelter
  • Human Services

Sustainability is the key component of our mission and economic empowerment is essential in both short and long-term growth. We welcome other community conscious individuals or organizations to join as we “Become the Change We Seek.”

Plan of Action for Change We Seek
Black Philanthropy is the key cornerstone to strengthening communities of color and to building a firm foundation of self-reliance and financial independence. Change We Seek is involved in a partnership with The Urban League of Middle Tennessee under the leadership of President and CEO Clifton Harris.

We look to help spearhead increased giving to The Urban League of Middle Tennessee to fund “Micro-grants” made to minority owned nonprofits and community-based organizations.  Help us not only rebuild our underserved neighborhoods but, to move them to greater heights!

-Building a sustainable future bridging to a better tomorrow-