Established in 2022

The Brand New Day Fund is Jessica Willis Fisher’s charitable fund that supports a variety of organizations and causes close to her heart. She is passionate about the prevention of childhood sexual abuse and domestic violence, and facilitating cooperation between advocates, lawmakers, law enforcement, and victims. She also believes strongly in the healing power of music as a therapy, and seeks to help women and young adults rise above their past traumatic experiences to build safe, healthy lives for themselves.

A Message from Jessica Willis Fisher

Hi there, Jessica Willis Fisher here!

Thank you for visiting the Brand New Day Fund donation page. In case you’re wondering how I got involved in advocacy and fundraising. I experienced multiple types of abuse in my childhood and young adult years including sexual, physical and religious abuse at the hands of my father. Right before I turned twenty-four years old, I was able to get out of that toxic and dangerous environment and begin trauma therapy. I am grateful every day for the people and organizations who were there for me when I was at my lowest and needed professional, quality support. I am committed to continuing my journey of healing for the rest of my life and have come to see I am extremely lucky – so many others who experience similar challenges and hardship struggle to find or afford good care when they need it most. I founded this fund to be able to give back to those who came alongside me in my journey, to help support others who are struggling, and bolster the heroes already out there doing great work on these issues I am so passionate about. I look forward to using my art and story to personally contribute to this fund for many years to come and then to find the best ways to make real change in the world. Please consider joining me. Learn more about me and my story at my website: – J.W.F.

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