Established in 2010

“Project Meet Me Halfway is a campaign I launched on January 1, 2010 — the day I began walking halfway across America — from Nashville, Tennessee to Phoenix, Arizona — to raise awareness to the plight of the nearly 30,000 foster children aging out of foster care into homelessness every year in America.

Why is it called Meet Me Halfway? The distance between Nashville, Tennessee and Phoenix, Arizona is halfway across America. The campaign itself is about asking individuals and communities to meet me halfway to help these at risk youth. It’s also about telling at risk youth that we want to help them but they have to at least meet us halfway. In other words, they have to work hard to help themselves in order to be helped.

Project Meet Me Halfway began as an awareness campaign but people around the world wanted to donate monetarily, so I partnered with The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee to create a secure place donors could support Project Meet Me Halfway. 100% of every donation is distributed to needy organizations that serve foster children, abused and neglected children and children aging out of foster care.” —Jimmy Wayne