Established in 2023

Eligibility: Perry County High School (PCHS) graduating senior who exemplifies the qualities of leadership Bobette valued including: academics, teamwork and community building. The recipient will have been a student athlete, displayed intellectual curiosity and have shown respect to all as referenced by their academic and personal recommenders.

History: Bobette Dudley (PCHS Class of 1980) was a beloved, respected, and admired 25-year veteran of the Country Music Association. She started as receptionist and rose to become Senior Vice President of Events and Special Projects. Her passion for the music, her laser-like focus on details, and her commitment to excellence leave a lasting legacy on many of the Nashville music industry’s most high-profile events including CMA Music Festival and the CMA Awards.

Bobette loved traveling and adventure as well as enjoying the outdoors and the rivers near her home in Lobelville. She always looked for things that were genuine and then found ways to share them with everyone.

Bobette’s scholarship fund is focused on three pillars including academics, teamwork, and building community.

Bobette had a thirst for knowledge and would happily take on seemingly impossible challenges. She inspired others to work with creativity and collaboration while fostering an environment that was respectful and supportive.

Bobette learned about the importance of teamwork while playing basketball at PCHS, and she often said that the skills she gained through participation in team sports were a huge part of her success in business. She was always quick to share credit with her professional team for her many successes.

Bobette aspired to treat everyone with fairness and respect, whether she was dealing with a huge star, a CEO or a brand new intern. Bobette was a cherished mentor to many future leaders in the music and entertainment business in Nashville and beyond.

Her personal philosophy was “to be confident, patient, honest, compassionate, and to live each day with courage and a belief in myself and others.” Tragically, we lost Bobette in 2014.

In 2021, she was posthumously inducted into The SOURCE Hall of Fame honoring outstanding women in the music business.

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Kelly Pietkiewicz

Kelly Pietkiewicz

Scholarship Coordinator

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