Nashville Catalyst Fund launches in partnership with Mayor's Office

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Nashville Music Census Reveals Initial Findings and Timeline

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Celebrating the Legacy of Charles Frazier and the Tapping Individual Potential Scholarship

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CFMT Welcomes New VPs to Lead Community Impact and Philanthropic Services

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About The Foundation

Connecting Generosity With Need® since 1991
Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee unites compassionate individuals and worthy causes to build a more thriving and inclusive community by transforming thoughtful generosity into positive change. Its generous donors span the community and are driven by a shared commitment to addressing diverse needs.

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The Community Foundation empowers donors to make a lasting impact. Whether you envision supporting a beloved nonprofit or finding innovative solutions to urgent challenges, we provide the platform to bring your aspirations to life. Our donors / fundholders include individuals, families, companies, civic groups, and nonprofit organizations.

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The Middle Tennessee community is caring, resilient, resourceful, and the reason we exist. This region consistently ranks among the most generous in the nation and is made up of a colorful tapestry of volunteers, leaders, and workers. Collectively, the Community informs us, inspires us, and drives us to be a part of the greater good happening each day in the region.

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Nonprofit partners play a vital role in enhancing our community, and the Community Foundation further supports that impactful work through its grantmaking. Our grantee partners provide boots on the ground, local knowledge, community connections, and additional resources that enable the Foundation to make a real, lasting impact on the community.

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Advisors: Help Your Clients Leave a Legacy

The partnership between professional advisors and community foundations holds immense potential for creating positive change in communities. By leveraging our respective expertise, these collaborations can help individuals and families achieve their philanthropic goals, strengthen communities, and make a lasting impact on the nonprofits serving our region.

Together, we have the power to shape a better future for generations to come.



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