Established in 2014

Bonnaroo Works Fund

BWF Vision:

The Bonnaroo Works Fund aims to grow its support of nonprofits that are changing the world through social impact and human development. With our nonprofit partners, we will inspire the community to take action.

BWF Mission:

The core values of the Bonnaroo Works Fund are community, creativity, and positive influence. We champion those changing the world through social impact, human development, and community inspiration. Through our festival resources and culture, we collaborate and support nonprofit partners that are doing incredible things to benefit the arts, education, sustainability, and social significance. Because you Roo, they can do.


The dates for the 2021 Bonnaroo Works Fund application cycle are:

June 17, 2021:                                 Application Open

September 30, 2021:                      Application Deadline

December 2021:                       Grant Decisions Finalized.  Grant Payments to Follow in 60-90 days.

Contact Information

Amy Fair

Amy Fair

Vice President, Donor Services

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