He is Rev Fuzz to many of us, Enoch to others, and even just Fuzz sometimes, but we all know who he is and what he is about.  He is about our beloved city of Nashville and he is our own version of the “Great Communicator”.

Have you ever seen Rev Fuzz at a loss for words?  We think not!!!

So, it is as he is struggling with his health that a number of us have begun to think that it is time to say thank you to the good reverend and take to heart some of the things that he has been preaching and saying these many years.  He wants all of us to embrace – each other – our city – white and Black – any color any creed.  One of the pivotal lessons that Rev Fuzz has given to us is the importance of education and the importance of Tennessee State University (“TSU”) and what it has done and what it can do in the future.  It is after all our town’s university!

The Fuzz said something the other day that falls right in line with what we are up to.  He quoted one of Ghandi’s sayings:  “I like your Christ, but not your Christians,” but Fuzz says: “I like your Christ, the Christians, the Jews, the Catholics, protestants, atheists, rich, poor, kkk, idiots, Democrats, Republicans, even your red necks basketball teams.”  He likes us all, but it’s that last part that got us thinking – basketball.


Competition for talented athletes at the collegiate level (in any sport – but particularly basketball) has grown so severe among all colleges and universities that many of the HBCU’s are struggling due to the economic constraints placed upon them. These HBCU’s cannot offer either the funding or the facilities that the big state schools can – plus the pressure to be on the BIG SCREEN every Saturday or Saturday night pulls these students away from us.  TSU is not immune from this issue, and now is the time to put the words of Rev Fuzz into action.  “We all need to work together to bring TSU the accolades that it richly deserves for what it has accomplished and what it will accomplish in the future.”   We can disagree about how we all should act as we get used to each other (Black or white, rich or poor), but the action that is needed is for us to begin the process of working together and supporting what we have available to us that we can commonly agree upon.

As athletic programs grow and develop the whole institution (and the community) will grow. Thus, the objective the group of us brought to mind was that NOW was the TIME to focus on our TSU basketball program as a first step toward overall achievement for the institution and our community.  Our aim is to be supportive and not detract from the projects of any other persons or entities working to promote TSU and our City.  Nashville does not need professional basketball – we have the opportunity to grow our own right here in our own City.  We have other great athletic programs that are growing and developing in our community and TSU must now step forward to show what it can do if given the chance.

That is what three of us have done with the support of Rev Fuzz.  Joe & Judy Barker along with their friend Aubrey Harwell have established and made the lead gifts to “The Rev. Enoch Fuzz Legacy Fund” at The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee.  Its primary purpose is to help support student athletes at TSU and TSU athletic programs for these students and all students at TSU and the greater Nashville community by focusing on the greater development and promotion of the TSU basketball program.  Under the guidance of the Fund’s Board, the Fund is intended to carefully assist with appropriate aid programs for student athletes, the development of and planning for the construction of physical facilities that will enhance the basketball program and student and community experiences in relation to basketball at TSU.

Support The Rev. Enoch Fuzz Legacy Fund

The goals of the Fund will be to promote and re-establish TSU basketball as a major basketball program not only in the City and the region but in the whole collegiate system.  It is a long-term project that will have intermediate achievable and measurable goals.  It will be guided by the Fund’s Board with all finances overseen and controlled by the Board of Directors of The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee on a fully transparent basis.  Working with the State of Tennessee, the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County and other agencies, the Fund hopes to increase the educational and athletic opportunities that are available at TSU and increase community support for all aspects of the university.

Your personal support for this program would be greatly appreciated and can take many forms.  The Fund looks forward to developing relationships for sponsorships, grants, financial assistance and direct personal participation.  We are determined to be responsive to the suggestions of all and the participation by many.

Questions? Call us at (615) 321-4939 or Email givingback@cfmt.org.

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