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I love it when a plan comes together.

Through the storms, the sickness and the sadness that was the year 2020 and beyond, I can only look back at the silver linings that have originated with help from ongoing efforts at The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee during these most tumultuous of times.

We planned for these times, whether or not we were fully aware of it.

Were it not for deadly March tornadoes, the essential efforts of the VOAD — Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster — would not have kicked into high gear and remained so as an organizational framework to help our communities better cope with natural and unnatural disasters now and going forward.

Were it not for the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, our longtime ChildcareTennessee initiative, working in partnership with the Tennessee Department of Human Services, would not have been able to get millions of dollars of much-needed grant money into the hands of more than 2,300 struggling child care centers across the state in 2020, and we continue to do so.

Were it not for the devoted efforts of our Board of Directors through many years, including a doggedly determined building committee team led by Susan Simons and Bert Mathews — we would not have been able to purchase the land for the future new home of The Community Foundation at the corner of Belmont Boulevard and Woodmont Avenue .

Were it not for the hard-working, incredibly talented staff members at The Community Foundation and their ability to perform at such a high level — despite everything nature and other uncontrollable forces threw their way as we worked and met either remotely or with staggered office hours — we couldn’t have accomplished what we’ve accomplished.

No two days here are the same, as we’re each reminded.

What does remain the same is that we thank you for being part of connecting generosity with need and acknowledging that Giving Always Matters.

That’s always the plan. And always will be.

Ellen Lehman
President, The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee