On Nov 29th, 2022 Give Black, Give Back hosted an event in partnership with Giving Tuesday.

The event was held in part to raise money for Give Black Give Back, as well as to raise more awareness for the initiative. Black Americans and Nashvillians are leading philanthropists and gift givers of time, money and resources. The event acknowledged and celebrated these efforts, encouraged attendees to take part in Give Black Give Back’s endeavors, and celebrated its accomplishments thus far.

The Give Black, Give Back initiative was launched following CFMT’s inaugural celebration of Black Philanthropy Month in 2019. Black Philanthropy Month has been recognized globally since 2011 upon its creation by Jackie Bouvier Copeland, a San Francisco Bay-area social and environmental justice activist.

The focus of Give Black, Give Back is to support Black-led charitable funds established at CFMT. The initiative is dedicated to fostering collaboration between its fundholders and to establishing new partnerships among Black philanthropists and nonprofits with similar goals and aspirations.