Established in 1998

This initiative, dedicated to harnessing the energy, enthusiasm, and resources of young Nashville residents, started like many other great ideas, sharing a beer with friends around a kitchen table.

The Tomorrow Fund, established in 1998, has officially completed its twentieth year of operation. This initiative, dedicated to harnessing the energy, enthusiasm, and resources of young Nashville residents, started like many other great ideas, sharing a beer with friends around a kitchen table. When a young Casey West sat with his friend, Jay Williams, to discuss ways to make a positive impact in our community, they didn’t expect all the friendship, sense of purpose, and project longevity the idea they imagined would create and endure. But that’s what happened.

The group that they formed, The Tomorrow Fund, became centered around three tenets: social participation, active community service, and financial contribution to our community.  According to that young Foundation President, Casey West, “the three tenets of The Tomorrow Fund are really intended to feed off one another– members will want to contribute financially because they are out in the community volunteering and learning more about nonprofit organizations, they’ll continually be encouraged to volunteer and contribute because of the friendships they’ve formed with others who do the same.”

When we sat down with Jay Williams some twenty years later, he is now co-head of the WME office here in Nashville. He reflected in satisfaction stories about how this “little fledgling idea”, created amongst friends looking to spend their time doing better, got started. “It’s not only self-satisfying but it’s necessary for people to give their time… Think about it now. It’s like anything, if you start good habits at an early age, it’s easy to carry them through, and I really credit Casey for stopping what everybody was doing and finding a way to think about people other than ourselves.”

Community Fundraising Events

In the early years of The Tomorrow Fund, the founding board knew that they needed to come up with innovative ways to raise money for the fund that didn’t exhaust their members’ resources. They found that path with an annual community event, and in its first years hosted a Mardis Gras-themed party at Marathon Village. The event included a 9-piece band, straight from New Orleans, providing their crowd of 250 people that upbeat ambiance that only traditional New Orleans jazz and high energy hip-hop can provide. Party-goers also enjoyed tasty Cajun fare of red beans & rice, shrimp gumbo, and other traditional dishes. Between eating and dancing, guests spent their time bidding on silent auction items and chatting about the early good works of the Tomorrow Fund board. These first events provided the template to what the events have become today, and in all, provided the funds they needed to sustain the financial growth of the Fund and impact the fund members were hoping to create through grantmaking to the nonprofit community serving children.

In the following years, members decided to keep the energy of their community events fresh by changing them up. This allowed for transitioning in and out of event formats as the members of the Board’s interest also shifted. In 2005, the ArtisTree event was launched. ArtisTree was an art show that featured paintings, prints, and jewelry by local artists, paired with wine and light refreshments for its guests.

In 2011, The Battle of the Food Trucks event was born, the same year that Zagat’s newest edition included the category of “Food Truck” as its own separate category. The event boasted upwards of 20 restaurants from the burgeoning Nashville food truck scene, where attendees were invited to sample bites and then vote for their favorites in a friendly foodie competition.

Lastly, in 2013, the event that the Fund currently throws today, Red, White & Brew was launched. Red, White, and Brew is an over the top, America-themed party, complete with costume and karaoke contests. It’s the only event in Nashville where you may hear one of your pals singing Lee Greenwood’s “Proud to be an American” dressed as Dolly Parton. Though the location has changed throughout the years from Sevier Park, the old stomping ground of Paradise Park, and this year’s event location Nashville Urban Winery, the sentiment is still the same, a good ‘ole ‘merica-yelling good time.


The Tomorrow Fund logo, created by former member Lou Chancellor, is the oak tree seedling, and this seedling represents the fund’s philosophy and mission succinctly. The metaphor often used to describe endowment funds with a Community Foundation is planting seeds for community betterment. By setting aside money in an endowment fund and allowing it to grow, early Tomorrow Fund changemakers were ensuring that their community impact, which started with small yet meaningful grants, would transform over time into strong and vibrant support for the nonprofit community.

Today, thanks to its generous supporters and volunteers, as well as the hard work of The Tomorrow Fund board throughout these twenty years through their annual events, The Tomorrow Fund has granted over $88,000 to organizations that provide services to children, predominantly focused in Middle Tennessee. It is the continued hope that members grow the fund through innovative use of social media, event planning, and networking in order to amplify the impact local young professionals are able to make by being a member of the Board or participating in one of The Tomorrow Fund events.

The Tomorrow Fund has distributed:

  • $34,665 toward the education of Middle Tennessee students, including supporting several reading initiatives and easier access to early education resources for low-income families.
  • $24,905 toward human services programs, including providing beds for those coming out of homelessness, food for food insecure families, and school uniforms to low-income families in need.
  • $18,246 toward the health & safety of Middle Tennessee youth, including providing access to swim lessons for low-income families, family nutrition and wellness courses, and accessibility of expensive medications to medically vulnerable populations.
  • $8,915 to support disaster relief organizations, including victims of the major 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami and the 2010 Haiti earthquake disasters.
  • $2,000 to support art workshops to at risk youth living in poverty during school breaks.

OrganizationGrant AmountYearProgram Description
Nashville Food Project$12002021To prepare and share from-scratch, nutritious meals to share with our children and youth-serving community partners through their Meals Program.
Strick's Gift $7,0002021To efficiently provide infant clothing to 600 babies born into poverty in Nashville in partnership with local hospital social workers
Nashville Children’s Alliance $24002020To reduce trauma of child abuse by facilitating a multidisciplinary team to detect, investigate, prosecute, and treat child abuse cases.
The Family Center$55002020To increase positive parenting/child connections for 250 families via parenting groups or individual coaching; to develop a Parent Advisory Council.
Project for Neighborhood Aftercare$77852019To provide equitable access to technology to 50 elementary-aged children at high risk for academic deficiencies in an after school program.
Sweet Sleep$50002018To provide beds and bedding for up to 500 children coming out of homelessness in Middle Tennessee.
Community Care Fellowship$25002018To provide affordable, full-time preK childcare to low-income families in the James Cayce homes and surrounding neighborhoods.
Lutheran Services of Tennessee$20002017To provide community arts workshops to 80 at risk youth living in poverty during school breaks.
Bridges for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing$25002017To encourage early language development and healthy bonding for families of young children aged birth to 5 years of age.
Book'em$27002017To provide pre-literacy skills training for 300 low-income Pre-K children to prepare them for kindergarten and beyond.
The Well Outreach$49802016To provide supplemental meals for 500 children/youth during the scheduled academic breaks to provide coverage throughout the 2016-2017 school year
Book'em$22202016To provide pre-literacy skills training for 100 low-income PreK children to prepare them for kindergarten and beyond.
Salama Urban Ministries, Inc.$11002015To provide daily, year-round academic support with a literacy emphasis for up to 75 underserved youth, primarily K-8th grade.
Nashville International Center for Empowerment$11002015To provide standard school attire for 50 low-income refugee children who recently arrived in the United States.
Mother to Mother, Inc.$25002015To provide a safe sleeping environment for low income, vulnerable infants in Nashville and surrounding areas.
Global Education Center$25002015To offer nutrition education, healthy cooking classes with recipe modifications and active lifestyle opportunities to 80 preK students and families
Assistance League of Nashville$20002014To provide new standard school attire to underserved elementary students in Metro Schools.
Community Care Fellowship$20002014To offer educational services for children.
Girls on the Run Nashville$6002014To provide 70 girls with the opportunity to participate.
Nashville Dolphins$20002014To expand programming that builds swim skills.
Backfield in Motion$20002013To provide tutoring after school.
Hands On Nashville, Inc.$20002013To support 300 youth in making healthy lifestyle choices.
McNeilly Center for Children$16002013To provide classroom books.
East Nashville Hope Exchange$24502012To improve reading ability and character development of at-risk children.
Project for Neighborhood Aftercare$24502012To provide homework and tutoring services for 56 students.
A.B.L.E. Youth, Inc.$20002011To teach independent living skills to thirty-five youth who are confined to wheelchairs.
Foundation for Tennessee Chess$3502011To provide chess classes for 35 underserved youth, ages 5 to 12, at a local community center.
IKE Services$7502011To provide summer academic tutoring, hot meals, transportation services to 30 children, grades K-4.
In Full Motion, Inc.$7502011To improve ACT scores/graduation rates of students at Pearl-Cohn, Whites Creek, Stratford & Maplewood.
Our Kids$7502011To underwrite the cost of post exposure prophylaxis medication to prevent patients from contracting HIV.
Assistance League of Nashville$16352010To provide new standard school attire to underserved elementary students in Metro Schools.
Friends of Tennessee School for the Blind$23652010To teach independent living skills to thirty-five youth who are confined to wheelchairs.
Global Ministries$26882010Benefiting Haiti Earthquake Relief efforts.
Galaxy Star Drug Awareness$43002009To expand the peacemakers program to HS students with a history of suspension/juvenile court involvement.
The Next Door$49002008To provide children's services in the Freedom Recovery program.
Rejoice Ministries$24962007To provide adolescent girls with the tools for personal development.
First Steps, Inc.$30002006To create an indoor therapy playground program for children with special needs.
KIPP Foundation$5102005Benefiting the Library for KIPP Academy Nashville.
King's Daughters Day Home$23502005To provide books, videos, & CD's to help teachers develop better curriculum for children at the Center.
Save the Children$36002005Benefiting Asian Earthquake/Tsunami Fund.
Reading is Fundamental$15002004To supplement the purchase of 8500 new paperback books for 1600 at-risk children.
Hands with Heart Foundation, Inc.$17002003To provide materials for hearing impaired classrooms, home use, & camping trips.
Preston Taylor Ministries$16902002
American Red Cross - Nashville$3002001
American Red Cross - Nashville $23272001
Fannie Battle Day Home for Children$16202001
Project Reflect$9502000

Community Service

By 2005, members had donated more than 4,000 hours of community service to non-profit organizations such as The Salvation Army, Second Harvest Food Bank, Warner Parks, Ronald McDonald House, Renewal House, The American Red Cross and many others. Since then, our Tomorrow Fund board, friends, and alumni have lost count, but the members still maintain that community service events are a capstone item in what the Tomorrow Fund provides to the local community.

In 2008, The Tomorrow Fund launched a new project called the Giving Tree. By reaching out to their own social networks with a $100 ask in the months of November and December and partnering with local childcare providers, members were able to fill a need by supporting local low-income families with their holiday shopping.

To date, The Giving Tree initiative has supported over 800 families amounting to $80,000 of assistance, and the initiative has become one of fund members favorite activities of the year. During collection week, Tomorrow Fund members and staff at The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee get a special sense of satisfaction trying to fit all of the items collected from the Nashville community into a UHaul that seems to shrink every year. In the years to come, The Tomorrow Fund plans to continue to develop relationships with local businesses who also want to share the holiday spirit, allowing them to support even more families in Middle Tennessee.


The Tomorrow Fund has been a starting place for many young Nashville philanthropists just getting their start in this great city. Below is a list of The Tomorrow Fund’s current and alumni members, who in their earliest years of adulthood found it important to make their mark in Nashville through the use of their time and resources toward efforts providing community service, civic leadership, raising dollars for the local nonprofit community, and sharing their time with the other community-focused friends they would meet along the way:

Tomorrow Fund Board Member Name, Year Joined

Annie Bachman, 1999Katye Bratton, 2001Mark Wiggins, 2001
Sarah Barr Johnson, 1999Sarah Brockway, 2001Kelsey Willard, 2001
John Bass, 1999Berry Brooks, 2001Pat Williams, 2001
Dierks Bentley, 1999Jarratt Brown, 2001Betsy Wills, 2001
Abbay Blankenship, 1999Lloyd Brown, 2001Drew Wilson, 2001
Sid Chambless, 1999Russ Brown, 2001Matt Wilson, 2001
Jay Cook, 1999Scott Burns, 2001Sarah Wilson, 2001
Jennifer Cook, 1999Anne Marie Campbell, 2001Steve Wilson, 2001
Aimee Epler, 1999Matt Campbell, 2001Lisa Wood , 2001
Martin Jones, 1999Grady Cannon, 2001Geoffrey Woodward, 2001
Shawna Kahlo, 1999Kate Cannon, 2001Sallie Woodward, 2001
Edith Kirkland, 1999Annalise Caron, 2001Bridget Woolems, 2001
Miles Kirkland, 1999Brigid Carpenter, 2001Kap Yarbrough, 2001
Leslie Levy, 1999Chris Carpenter, 2001Brian Appleton, 2003
Fielding Logan, 1999Madeline Carter, 2001Marnee Baker, 2003
Lauren Lunsford, 1999Carolyn Cates, 2001Michelle Bedoya, 2003
Bridget Mikysa, 1999Taylor Cates, 2001Jessica Bleu, 2003
Leslie Norman, 1999Alison Chaney, 2001Sarah Bowling, 2003
Sarah Roberts, 1999Kate Ashby Chiles, 2001Bonnie Brockman, 2003
Grant Sechul, 1999George Clements, 2001Brad Brubaker, 2003
Ashley Smith, 1999Natalie Clements, 2001Katherine Cigarran, 2003
Rob Smith, 1999Brendt Coker, 2001Erin Curry, 2003
Ashley West, 1999Paige Coker, 2001Sarah Dawkins, 2003
Casey West, 1999George Cooper, 2001Derek Edwards, 2003
Jay Williams, 1999Greg Cope, 2001Stephanie Edwards, 2003
Kerry Wilson, 1999John Cornelius, 2001Claire Evans, 2003
Shawn Wilson, 1999Maggie Counter, 2001Micah Fisher, 2003
Carter Wood, 1999Todd Counter, 2001Mary Virginia Frist, 2003
Linda Abott, 2000Lee Crabtree, 2001Brandom Gengelbach, 2003
Vicky Acros, 2000Louisa Craddock, 2001Greg Guest, 2003
Jenny Allison, 2000Chris Crigger, 2001Grant Harrell, 2003
Lance Arnold, 2000Merritt Cullum, 2001Marty Harris, 2003
Avery Augur, 2000Liz Cunningham, 2001Lacy Harwell, 2003
Rebecca Ayer, 2000Ben Curtis, 2001Sara Heyburn, 2003
Frances Bailey, 2000Alex Czesnat, 2001Patrick Hitt, 2003
Jody Bainbridge, 2000John Damian, 2001Heather Hodde, 2003
Elise Bareuther, 2000Heather Davidson, 2001Sean Kelly, 2003
John Barker, 2000Andrew Derr, 2001Roger Kostiw, 2003
Chris Barlowe, 2000Molly Derr, 2001William Kurtz, 2003
Annelle Barnette, 2000Blake Dexter, 2001Erik Larsen, 2003
Susan Beale, 2000Jennifer Domm, 2001Nicole Leanna, 2003
Nick Bentley, 2000Jennifer Dunphy, 2001Shane Leanna, 2003
Karen Bone, 2000Joy Duong, 2001Maggie McElhannon, 2003
Mike Bone, 2000Sam Engehardt, 2001Haley McIntosh, 2003
Tara Boosey, 2000Craig Engler, 2001Adam Michael, 2003
Chad Bottorff, 2000Stewart Fey, 2001Susanna Milner, 2003
Jay Bradford, 2000Don Fields, 2001Elizabeth Mitchell, 2003
Rebekah Bridgforth, 2000Doug Finke, 2001Julie North, 2003
Matt Brooks, 2000Robert Fogelman, 2001Halina Obremskey, 2003
Virginia Brooks, 2000Bridget Foley, 2001Louie Oropeza, 2003
Lee Brown, 2000Chad Folk, 2001Leigh Page, 2003
Susannah Brown, 2000Merrick Frances, 2001Lindsay Porter, 2003
Antoine Buchanan, 2000Bob Freeman, 2001Andrew Publow, 2003
Arthur Buenahora, 2000Scott Freeny, 2001Tracy Rathbone, 2003
Jessica Buenahora, 2000Meg Gaffney, 2001Austin Ray, 2003
Emory Calhoun, 2000Kelly Garrett, 2001Todd Schneider, 2003
Greer Chambless, 2000Jennie Garth, 2001Emmet Seibels, 2003
Chris Chambliss, 2000Victor Gatto, 2001Chris Sherrill, 2003
Lou Chancellor, 2000Mimi Gavigan, 2001Jennifer Simmons, 2003
Elizabeth Cherry, 2000Catherine Geiger, 2001Lauren Sims, 2003
LaJuan Clark, 2000Marisa Glivings, 2001John Sisco, 2003
Jeff Collins, 2000Paul Gontarek, 2001Kristen Carol Sladek, 2003
Deanna Cornelius, 2000Emily Graham, 2001Casey Stribling, 2003
Greg Cotton, 2000Ed Green, 2001Beth Tant, 2003
Allison Courson, 2000Tucker Green, 2001Andrea Tidwell, 2003
Carrie Crossman, 2000Dawn Greene, 2001Katie Tidwell, 2003
Nell Custis, 2000Hans Gucker, 2001Tony Todd, 2003
Beville Darden, 2000Lizz Haldeman, 2001Michelle Villere, 2003
Morris Davis, 2000Davidson Hall, 2001Monica Wallis, 2003
Rick Deckbar, 2000Ginger Hall, 2001Amy Wood , 2003
Virginia Deckbar, 2000Miles Hall, 2001Julie Adams, 2004
Chan Dillon, 2000Lisa Hamstead, 2001Marisa Adams, 2004
Kelly Dillon, 2000Bradford Hancock, 2001Amy Elson, 2004
Craig Dore, 2000Abby Hardee, 2001Leigh Fitts, 2004
Bill Elder, 2000Jenkins Hardin, 2001Lauren Gable, 2004
Susie Elder, 2000Brooks Harris, 2001Stratton Huggins, 2004
Eliza Eller, 2000Mike Harris, 2001Katye Hughes, 2004
Catherine Ruth Felton, 2000Kristina Storck Hassan, 2001Katie O'Brien, 2004
Zach Fry, 2000Matt Hassan, 2001Chandi Patel, 2004
Matthew Gant, 2000Mark Hayes, 2001Cynthia Price, 2004
Mike Gavigan, 2000Janna Herald, 2001Zac Shoemate, 2004
John Glass, 2000Sal Hernandez, 2001Mary Katherine Simmons, 2004
Ben Green, 2000Kathy Hilburn, 2001Chris Strickland, 2004
Patrick Hale, 2000John Holmes, 2001Marisa Adair, 2005
Pam Hall, 2000Kevin Holmes, 2001Aaron Armstrong, 2005
Mary-Kent Harrison, 2000Leslie Holt, 2001Alex Brandau, 2005
Drew Healy, 2000Mary Katherine Husser, 2001Chris Dowdy, 2005
Marny Helfrich, 2000Barry Jackson, 2001Taylor Gudeman, 2005
Fred Henry, 2000Kelsey Jackson, 2001Emily Hudson, 2005
Fran Herndon, 2000Farrah Jacquez, 2001Kimmie Huggins, 2005
Chris Hilton, 2000Kristin Johns, 2001Katie Jackson, 2005
Jeff Holzbeierlein, 2000Mary Clayton Johnson, 2001MacKenzie McCracken, 2005
Jill Holzbeierlein, 2000Whitney Johnson, 2001Carly McNeill, 2005
Mari-Kate Hopper, 2000Christopher Jones, 2001Ross Powells, 2005
Laurin Howell, 2000Jenn Jones, 2001Cayce Publow, 2005
Will Humphrey, 2000Peter Kane, 2001K.J. Schumacher, 2005
Catherine Hurt, 2000Sharat Kasuma, 2001Ashley Welch, 2005
Mary Lyle Hyatt, 2000Miles Kennedy, 2001Tiffany Buntin, 2006
Mark Isaacs, 2000Bradley King, 2001Joe Burchfield, 2006
Bedell James, 2000Stacy Klein, 2001Karen Gooch, 2006
Andy Johns, 2000David Kleinman, 2001Meredith Hendrickson, 2006
Allison Jones, 2000Julie Knapp, 2001Allison Koch, 2006
Greg Jones, 2000Kristen Koch, 2001Chris Koch, 2006
Pat Julian, 2000Matt Laing, 2001Jessica Martin, 2006
David Killean, 2000Matt Lane, 2001James Rupley, 2006
Presh Killebrew, 2000Adam Lara, 2001Robin Shilling, 2006
Krunch Kloberdanz, 2000Kristin Lara, 2001Dowell Squier, 2006
Kipp Kranbuhl, 2000Matt Lauderdale, 2001Amy Tanksley, 2006
Annette Kunt, 2000Geoffrey Levondowski, 2001Dave Carlson, 2007
Lauren Lane, 2000Carter Little, 2001Ted McKinney, 2007
Susan Langone, 2000Courtney Little, 2001Jeff Moats, 2007
Tony Langone, 2000Phillip Little, 2001Amy Atcheson, 2009
John Lavey, 2000Elizabeth Lucas, 2001Emily Banks, 2009
Amy Lee, 2000Hugh Lundy, 2001Oliver Banks, 2009
Kim Loveless, 2000Adrienne Lupo, 2001Allison Bates, 2009
Kemp Maxwell, 2000Lindsay Mallard, 2001Jane Lynch Crain, 2009
Taylor Mayes, 2000Shawn Malleus, 2001Caitlin Doty, 2009
Whit McCrary, 2000Katie Marchetti, 2001Brandon Keane, 2009
Jennifer McMillan, 2000Lou Marchetti, 2001Mary Katherine Martin, 2009
Tom McMillan, 2000Meg McCullough, 2001Nicholas May, 2009
Stan McQuiston, 2000Paul McDonald, 2001Brandon Miller, 2009
Jimmy Miller, 2000Marty McFarland, 2001Brianna Morant, 2009
Ashley Milnac, 2000Jen McGehee, 2001Katherine Pace, 2009
Willson Milne, 2000Melanie McGraw, 2001Katie Pickens, 2009
Jennifer Moroney, 2000Meg Milam, 2001Annie Smart, 2009
Lee Mouser, 2000Mark Miller, 2001Katie Summers, 2009
Mary Kate Mouser, 2000Michael Miller, 2001Brook Sutton, 2009
David Murdoch, 2000Yale Miller, 2001Addison Thompson, 2009
Austin Musselman, 2000Roy Milner, 2001Patrick Walsh, 2009
Layla Musselman, 2000Jackson Moore, 2001Mary Katherine Barranco, 2010
Blake Mycoskie, 2000Greta Morley, 2001Akadius Berry, 2010
Clay Neuman, 2000Gillian Morris, 2001Amy Bowland, 2010
Candice Nowalk, 2000Stephanie Moss, 2001Grace Bullard, 2010
Meredith Palmer, 2000Regina Myers, 2001Josh Burgener, 2010
Kelly Parish, 2000Melanie Napier, 2001Lindsay Burgener, 2010
Whitney Parker, 2000Jason Needham, 2001Heath Carver, 2010
John Parrott, 2000Pam Nelson, 2001Kerry Conley, 2010
Scott Pennington, 2000Dick Nord , 2001Christi Gibbs, 2010
Nicole Porter, 2000Sadler Norris, 2001Dave Haddock, 2010
Christy Powell, 2000Brad Northcut, 2001Liz Hanandez, 2010
Christian Puryear, 2000Wendy Oakes, 2001Tamra Jordan, 2010
Chuck Random, 2000Emily Ogden, 2001Samantha Oaks, 2010
Scott Repass, 2000Todd Overman, 2001Kurt Snyer, 2010
Hunter Rice, 2000LeeAnne Padgett, 2001Jason Tucker, 2010
John Riddick, 2000Stokes Palmer, 2001Kimball Tyson, 2010
Loftin Ripley, 2000Andrea Parrish, 2001Chris Walker, 2010
Katherine Scott, 2000Christopher Peck, 2001Tobey Williams, 2010
Holly Sears, 2000Dana Piasecki, 2001Kayla Clayborne, 2011
Chris Sessums, 2000Jacki L. Pick, 2001Heather Dixon, 2011
Erin Shea, 2000Jim Pinna, 2001Stephen Garrett, 2011
Earle Simmons, 2000Elise Poe, 2001Julie Haag May, 2011
Murray Smartt, 2000Eric Prentice, 2001Ben Shuster, 2011
Pryor Smartt, 2000Jamie Price, 2001Mike Stewart, 2011
Andrew Smith, 2000Lisa Quillman, 2001Margaret Baker, 2012
Colman Smith, 2000Erika Radtke, 2001Ally Parsons, 2012
Kathryn Spransy, 2000Rosemary Ramsey, 2001Abby Sasser, 2012
Jenny Streams, 2000Jamie Ratliff, 2001Scott Bannach, 2013
Nick Streams, 2000Allison Rendall, 2001Jennings Harlan, 2013
Noel Anne Summar, 2000Celina Reyes-Hailey, 2001Leah Glover Hayes, 2013
Clif Tant, 2000Marianne Rice, 2001Cara Sweeney Ince, 2013
Jeff Tarumianz, 2000Ed Richardson, 2001Amanda Kerns, 2013
Janie Taylor, 2000Jamie Richardson, 2001John Rader, 2013
Jonelle Todd, 2000Amy Liz Riddick, 2001Stephanie Gambill Simkin, 2013
Fitz Totten, 2000Jason Ritchason, 2001Grace Sweeney, 2013
Julie Townsend, 2000Katya Romero, 2001Concetta Wilson, 2013
Beth Trabue, 2000Leopoldo Romero, 2001Brady Adams, 2014
Lauren Turner, 2000Rebecca Russell, 2001Anna Gernert, 2014
Michael Vanover, 2000Susanna Rutledge, 2001Sydney Hester, 2014
Carrie Wakeford, 2000Mark Ryzewicz, 2001Natalie Lester, 2014
John Wallace, 2000Adam Sanchez, 2001Paige Maynor, 2014
Andy Ward, 2000Beth Sanchez, 2001Caitlin Robbins, 2014
John Ward, 2000Moe Sathyamoorthy, 2001Cale Schmit, 2014
Lara Warren, 2000Susan Schultz, 2001Amy Culpepper, 2015
Charles Watson, 2000Taylor Schultz, 2001Adria DeLaune, 2015
Hunter West, 2000Susan Shasteen, 2001Laura Delgado, 2015
Christin Wingo, 2000Chris Slade, 2001David Garrett, 2015
Tad Wood, 2000Jennifer Slade, 2001Ann Harlan, 2015
Rory Workman, 2000Privott Sledge, 2001Michael King, 2015
Jackson Wray, 2000Shannon Smith, 2001Jennings Ragan, 2015
Nancy Wright, 2000Shepley Smith, 2001Concetta Smith, 2015
Amy Zimmer, 2000Dave Southard, 2001Jamie Voelker, 2015
Will Aclin, 2001Hillary Spruytenburg, 2001Sharica Brookins, 2016
Heath Acuff, 2001Shooter Stein, 2001Stephen Duckworth, 2016
Joe Altman, 2001Lori Stone, 2001Jeremy Duke, 2016
Beth Amond, 2001Lena Strickland, 2001Julie White Garrett, 2016
Dan Anderson, 2001Kirk Tanksley, 2001Nathan Harris, 2016
Sara Paris Anderson, 2001Laura Taylor, 2001Hannah Krimm, 2016
Margaret Ashley, 2001Brian Thompson, 2001Noah Krimm, 2016
Michael Assink, 2001Joanna Thompson, 2001Addison Old, 2016
Blythe Bailey, 2001Amy Tumipseed, 2001Florence Sudduth, 2016
Perry Baker, 2001Brooke Vaughan, 2001Teade Tagaloa, 2016
Kelly Baltz, 2001Shawn Verner, 2001Dani Ward, 2016
Ashley Barker, 2001David Visinsky, 2001Ella Watkins, 2016
Colin Barker, 2001Chris Vlahos, 2001Tyler Graham, 2017
Katherine Barrett, 2001Tara Vlahos, 2001Katlin Pendleton, 2017
Burwell Barton, 2001Nancy Vogel, 2001Jamie Starling, 2017
Jason Barton, 2001Mary Mott Walker, 2001Kelli Bradbury, 2018
Jeff Bary, 2001Ashley Waltemath, 2001Christine Locke, 2018
Margaret Bass, 2001Ward Waltemath, 2001Jeff Logston, 2018
Rob Bateman, 2001Chip Ward, 2001Gabrielle Mees, 2018
Ricky Bedoya, 2001Hart Weatherford, 2001Scott Meltzer, 2018
Drew Bennett, 2001Libby Weaver, 2001Hilary Dennen, 2019
Brian Bivens, 2001Martha Webb, 2001Sarah Ferraro, 2019
Tim Blankenship, 2001Mary Virginia West, 2001Timothy Gaull, 2019
Jeremy Bolton, 2001Rob West, 2001Melissa McWilliams, 2019
Anne Lacy Boswell, 2001Andy White, 2001Carter Swayze, 2019
Vicki Bouchard, 2001Jenni Whitefield, 2001Meredith Taylor, 2019
Courtney Brakebill, 2001

If you’re interested in joining The Tomorrow Fund board and are a young professional above the age of 22, please contact the Tomorrow Fund Coordinator, Nicole Rose, at for more information.