Sharing the good news of your grant helps you publicize your organization and its good work; recognizes The Community Foundation and its donors; and promotes philanthropy in Middle Tennessee.

Please include an acknowledgement of The Foundation’s funding of your projects in your press releases, website, newsletters, brochures, annual reports or other promotional materials related to the project. To help you communicate the impact of your work, we have created a Grantee Press Toolkit.

The following documents are intended to assist you in communicating your grant from The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee.


Sample Press Release (Word)

Issue a press release announcing the grant award.

Sample Newsletter Article (Word)

Feature the grant award in newsletters, e-newsletters, donor update letters and on your website. Include a compelling photo of the project or the residents you are serving.

Social Media How-To (Word)

Announce your grant on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Use the hashtag #CFMTgrantee.

Blank #CFMTgrantee Poster

The Community Foundation has provided a poster for you to fill-in, print out, and snap a photo with yourself or a co-worker.

The Community Foundation’s Logo (JPG)

Materials are expected to have The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee logo clearly visible. Include The Community Foundation logo and URL link on your website.

  • The Community Foundation logo is a registered trademark.
  • Do not alter the logo in any manner, including color changes, adding/removing elements of the logo or changing the aspect ratio.
  • Do not display the logo in a manner that implies sponsorship or endorsement without explicit permission from The Foundation. Usage of the logo is limited to acknowledging your grant from The Foundation.

Contact Information

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