Have you ever dreamed you could give a gift that would keep giving?

Endowed funds are permanent, creating a pool of charitable dollars that can always address the causes you care about or support nonprofits of your choice. See the good your gift can accomplish.

The majority of the Funds within The Community Foundation are endowments which supply both the donors and the recipients a vehicle dedicated to providing favorite causes or nonprofits with a steady stream of income each and every year, in perpetuity. All of our endowment Funds are invested by our Investment and Finance Committee with an eye to steady growth so that the Funds can accomplish the goals that the donors intended. Annual income to the recipient causes or nonprofits specified by the donors’ intention, has for the last 20 years, been 5% of the amount in the specific Fund.

To create your own endowed fund for our community, call us at 615-321-4939.


Contact Information

Amy Fair

Amy Fair

Vice President, Donor Services

  • afair@cfmt.org
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Michael McDaniel

Michael McDaniel

Senior Nonprofit and Endowment Liaison

  • mmc@cfmt.org
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