Established in 2017

The We Are Nashville Fund supports We Are Nashville™, a multi-year exploration of the New Nashville designed to foster understanding of who we are, inspire conversations that help us get to know one another, and take simple but meaningful actions that preserve the special character of our city.

It was created to introduce the people of Nashville to each other. Its intent is to provide a snapshot of life as it actually and realistically exists in our city – the good, the bad, the rich, the poor, those who have grown up here, and those who have relocated here from foreign lands. We want to tell all their stories.

We Are Nashville™ Website

We Are Nashville™ cover photo journal note:

This is the first picture we will show you of Nashville because it is a picture of lives hidden in plain sight. In a city known for its celebrities and entertainment it is easy to miss seeing what is obvious. …” READ FULL ENTRY