Established in 2001

This Fund was set up by HCA at the time of Thomas Frist Jr.’s retirement to recognize his incredible contributions to HCA and Nashville since he co-founded the company in 1968. This Donor-Advised Fund gives him the ability to recommend grants in support of various charities. W. Harrison Frist Jr. Advised Fund Established 2006 Jonathan M. Frist Advised Fund Established 2006 Bryan E. Frist Advised Fund Established 2006 The Frist Family has long been synonymous with charitable giving. Harrison, Jonathan and Bryan are the grandsons of Dorothy Cate Frist and Dr. Thomas F. Frist Sr. Their parents, Senator Bill Frist and Karyn Frist, have also exemplified thoughtful investments in giving and public service. Now, thanks to these Funds, the next generation of this branch of the family is poised to begin to make a difference of their own.