Established in 2017

Seth Stephens

The SETH Fund is named to honor the memory of J. Seth Stephens who died October 27, 2017 of an opioid overdose.  A graduate of the Webb School who was born and raised in Lynchburg and resident of Murfreesboro for most of his adulthood, Seth was an avid sports fan with encyclopedic knowledge; a lover of media, music, and literature; and a beloved by a large circle of family and friends. The goal Seth’s family has in creating the Fund is to help prevent another life being lost to an opioid overdose. They envision efforts from the Fund to include, but are not limited to, providing Narcan to first responders;  supporting programming and public awareness to prevent use of opioids and to take the shame away from addicts so they seek help; and educating families of resources to support a family member with an opioid addiction.