Established in 2020

The Rev. Enoch Fuzz Legacy Fund will honor the life of our beloved friend Reverend Enoch Fuzz, a noted community activist and organizer with an unparalleled record of connecting individuals and organizations for a plethora of “whatever the cause may be.” Professionally, Reverend Enoch Fuzz is the pastor at Corinthian Baptist Church in North Nashville where he has dedicated himself to helping the Nashville community come together to grow as a fully integrated whole and to encourage individuals and families of all races to excel personally and intellectually. And, Reverend Fuzz has often been a liaison between the media and the actions of the community. As this Fund is created, although he is ill, he remains a stalwart pillar of North Nashville and what the Donors believe to be “Nashville’s University”: Tennessee State University.

The Rev. Enoch Fuzz Legacy Fund is dedicated to all students and student athletes at TSU with the belief that solid, honestly run athletic programs managed with integrity and skill are an integral part of the educational experience of a university whether by participation or by observation. While this Fund is not intended to act as a source of scholarships, student athletes may benefit collectively and individually from it. No student should be excluded from benefiting from the Fund and athletic ability alone should not be the sole deciding factor in the Fund board’s grantmaking recommendations. Per the very specific rules of the NCAA, all benefits to student athletes will have to be approved by the TSU Office of NCAA Compliance.

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