Established in 2019

Wilson Bank And Trust

Employees who have experienced one of four types of qualifying events (natural disaster, life-threatening illness or injury,  death, or other catastrophic/extreme circumstances) can apply directly to The Community Foundation through the Randall Clemons Wilson Bank & Trust Employee Care Fund. The Foundation’s team will work with each applicant on a one-to-one basis, and assistance funds are used to pay outstanding bills on behalf of those who are approved.


A Positive Impact: Randall Clemons

Randall Clemons

Among many accomplishments as the top executive at Wilson Bank & Trust over the course of 32 years, Randall Clemons consistently demonstrated unwavering commitment toward WBT employees.

With a strong belief in teamwork, and operating on the philosophy that outstanding customer service is a result of a fairly-treated staff, Clemons helped established a corporate culture that continues to positively impact employee quality of life at Wilson Bank & Trust.

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Belinda Dinwiddie Havron

Belinda Dinwiddie Havron

Director, Donor Engagement

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