Established in 2018

John and Belinda Havron

John Havron grew up with modest means and a dream of having a yard of his own someday, where he and his children could play. He believed his success as a football player would provide a path to college. But when a football scholarship did not present itself after high school, he went to work finding alternative ways to fund his college education.

He would go on to college. He would earn a degree. And nothing was going to stop him from pursuing his goals. No matter what.

John’s widow, Belinda Havron, leads The Community Foundation in donor education. She has been helping donors create lasting legacies for themselves and their loved ones for more than a decade.

After each losing a spouse prior to marrying each other, John and Belinda Havron had many conversations to plan their legacy. When John passed away, Belinda knew they both believed that a post-secondary education has a lasting and measurable impact on a person’s earnings and other life-changing opportunities. Not all students have ready access to necessary financial means, and for those students continued education requires a cobbling together of resources . With this scholarship, John and Belinda set out to provide its recipient additional support of the costs associated with furthering their education.

Belinda and John enjoyed many blessings in their lives — family, friends, good health, and rewarding careers. They are pleased to be able to contribute to the success of younger people as they begin life’s journey. Hopefully, a recipient of this scholarship will likewise feel a need to “pay it forward” for those who follow in their path.

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