Established in 1993


The Joe Kraft Humanitarian Award perpetuates the memory of a very special person who made Middle Tennessee a better place to live through his dedication to community, home and hearth and individuals in need. The committee who chooses the recipient is particularly interested in nominations of community leaders who, like Joe, sometimes function behind the scenes. The person(s) named as the recipient of this annual award receives the opportunity to recommend that grants from this Fund be distributed to charities in which he or she believes.

Previous Joe Kraft Humanitarian Award Honorees: 2012 John Seigenthaler 2011 Amy Grant and Vince Gill 2010 Governor Winfield Dunn 2009 Clayton McWhorter 2008 Cal Turner Jr. and Steve Turner 2007 Nelson Andrews 2006 Martha Ingram 2005 Joel Gordon 2004 Ned Ray McWherter 2003 Jim Ayers 2002 Jamye and McDonald Williams 2001 The Founders of The Community Foundation 2000 Irwin Eskind and Noah Liff 1999 Monroe J. Carell, Jr. 1998 Pauline Gore 1997 Chet Atkins and Owen Bradley 1996 Phillip Bredesen and Andrea Conte 1995 Aubrey B. Harwell, Jr. 1994 Elizabeth Jacobs and Mary Jane Werthan