Established in 2008

Howard Clark Scholarship

Eligibility: This scholarship was established to benefit a deserving senior graduating from Avery County High School, North Carolina, wishing to learn to “nurture nature” by attending a two- or four-year college to study horticulture or agriculture. The student should have at least a 2.5 grade point average in high school.

The Howard A. Clark Horticulture Scholarship was created by Howard’s family as a testament to a man who spent almost five decades cultivating the earth, learning the lay of it, and growing shrubs and trees of remarkable quality. Howard Clark loved nature and loved the land. In return, the land provided his livelihood for over 40 years. Working from the age of 12, Howard taught himself everything he needed to succeed in the nursery business in Avery County, North Carolina. He often said, however, that he would have jumped at the chance for an education to help him along his path to success.