Established in 2016

Charlie Worsham - Follow Your Heart Scholarship

Eligibility:  A graduating senior or graduate from Grenada County, Mississippi with a demonstrated passion for the arts and plans to pursue an undergraduate academic major in the arts.

When Charlie Worsham was in his early twenties, his parents surprised him with an autographed book of photography by Marty Stuart. Charlie’s parents asked Marty to sign the book To Charlie, follow your dreams. Marty grinned and scribbled something down. When Mr. and Mrs. Worsham opened the book to the autographed page, they discovered that Marty had written To Charlie, follow your heart. Charlie has said “if we are to continue to have great artists from Mississippi succeed in today’s world, we have to invest in their hopes and dreams.” He wants the next John Grisham or Marty Stuart to come from Grenada. To help this become a reality he created the Follow Your Heart Scholarship Fund with The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee.