Established in 2009


Julianne and Earl Fitz’s passion for giving back has clearly “rubbed off” on their four children, Ezra, Caitlin, Dylan, and Duncan, who are spread across the country making a difference. Over the years, Julianne and Earl have supported different causes through The Community Foundation and talked about establishing their own charitable fund. But they were unsure what causes to support through their Fund. That uncertainty changed instantly in January 2006 when their oldest son, Ezra, was diagnosed with brain cancer at age 28. Suddenly, they knew a cause that needed and deserved their support. Since Ezra’s diagnosis, the Fitzs have embraced a long-term commitment to a charitable legacy their kids will be proud to carry on. Julianne and Earl established the Fitz Family Fund for Brain Cancer Awareness and Research to support research and educational programs such as those at Vanderbilt University and Gilda’s Club. The Fitzs’ family legacy will continue through this Fund, until a cure for brain cancer is found and other cancers are eradicated.