Established in 2008

Eligibility:  Applicants must be a graduate from a high school in Robertson County, who are working or know they will need to work to pay for college. Students must be preparing for a career serving others, including but not limited to teaching, nursing, law enforcement or ministry.

Growing up on a farm in Robertson County, Tennessee, Eunice Lou Gower McHugh lived in a community of hard-working people. On the family farm lived her mother and father, Elsie Dame Murphey and Joseph Franklin Gower. The Gowers weren’t wealthy, but they constantly served the community by offering help to those in need. “They were always doing for other people,” Lou said, from serving the community church to sacrificing to send her to music lessons. When it came time to sell the farm in Robertson County, it made perfect sense for Lou to donate the land to The Community Foundation so that the proceeds could establish two scholarships. This one is in her parents’ memory, and benefits students graduating from high schools in Robertson County.