Established in 2004

Dr. Mac Scholarship Fund

Eligibility: Students must be enrolled at the University of Tennessee at Memphis School of Dentistry entering into his or her third year of school with a minimum of 2.7 GPA. Financial need and civic participation will also be considered in candidate evaluation.

Dr. James W. McPherson Jr., “Dr. Mac,” believed in hard work and education. He had the innate ability to make people smile through his generosity and his contagious love for life. Throughout his life, Dr. Mac made many sacrifices in order to educate his three children. In addition to assisting his children with educations, he loved to assist young aspiring dental students. The Dr. Mac Scholarship will allow a dental student to meet his or her educational goals without having to worry about financial barriers. Dr. Mac’s children hope that the dental student receiving this award will share the same love of dentistry and the ability to make others smile as their father did.