Established in 2007

Eligibility: Applicants must be students entering the field of nursing as licensed practical nurses, registered nurses or nurse practitioners or students entering the fields of pharmacy or physical therapy. Preference may be given, in the case of comparable applications, to students from Hancock, Ohio or Daviess County, Kentucky. Applicants must demonstrate strong academic potential as evidenced by a transcript from the last school they attended and give examples of experience that demonstrates compassion for patients and families such as a reference from someone they have helped or a supervisor who has witnessed their care and compassion.

To create a legacy for their parents and Colonel David R. Inman, Steve Hewlett, Pam Inman and Faye Houston established this Fund to honor their caring and compassionate concern for others, their belief in the importance of a good education, their commitment to nurturing the thirst for knowledge, and their dedication to providing a foundation on which others might build a career in health care. Those who will benefit are: students planning to enter the field of nursing as LPN, RN or Nurse Practitioner; pharmacy or physical therapy; and all those who will be comforted and cared for as a result.

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Kelly Pietkiewicz

Kelly Pietkiewicz

Scholarship Coordinator

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