The Early Childhood Education Scholarship Initiative seeks to transform the lives of children who risk entering the public school system at an educational and behavioral deficit that will forever hamper their ability to learn and to succeed in school and in life. The Community Foundation’s goal is to make a difference in the lives of children by capitalizing upon the “Window of Opportunity.” In this phase of the Early Childhood Education Scholarship Initiative, scholarships are being provided in Davidson County, Tennessee. This initiative came to fruition through the dedicated work of civic leader Nelson Andrews.


Every year too many of our children show up on the doorsteps of our schools ill-equipped to learn, unable to succeed...

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Nelson Andrews' Case for Early Childhood Education

Let us begin with a bold statement that we believe to be undeniably true. As a society, and more specifically as the Nashville community, if we do not take the action...

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The Learning Process

Our first reaction is often to think the assembly line is broken in high school, where dropouts occur...

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