ChildcareMatters Substitute Service provides trained, temporary staffing with comprehensive licensure documentation through an innovative website.

Quality care for young children is a foundational need for their development and well-being, as well as for those involved in their days. Children need consistency of care with familiar faces, directors need substitute staff that is available and well-trained, parents need assurance that staff is well-prepared, and staff need the opportunity to be away from the classroom for professional development and personal needs.

How Does It Work?

• Directors log onto the ChildcareMatters website to access the Substitute Service at any time, day or night.

• Once the details of the program’s open position are added to the system, qualified substitutes are notified via text message or email immediately.

• Substitutes can review available jobs from their phone, tablets or computer.

• Programs are notified by text or email when someone applies for position, and directors can view substitute information, including hourly pay rate.

• Payment is made through the program’s current payroll.

• The substitute arrives at the program with all required documents and training.

What Does This Mean?

ChildcareMatters Substitute Service provides peace of mind for all … and no more 5:30 a.m. phone calls!

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