ChildcareMatters Mobile Platform is a customizable tool that supports high quality child care through an innovative website.

The platform supports your goal to provide professional, quality substitute teachers in your community.

A well-designed substitute program supported through the ChildcareMatters platform contributes to the success of individuals, child care programs and early childhood education as a whole.

Platform Benefits

Affordable and Flexible – Payments for the service are based on need and ability to participate with a variety of price points. Directors are best served when they can choose from available applicants, at a variety of wages based on education and experience and can dictate times and days of need.

High-Quality Care – A well-developed service provides training and orientation, leading to consistency of care and quality. Substitutes arrive with the highest standard of documentation, ready to work.

Professionalism – Training substitutes elevates their role with the child care program’s permanent educational team, providing an educational bridge that benefits permanent staff, as well as children and families.

Time Off For Staff – Educators benefit from stress-free time off for personal needs or unexpected emergencies. Available substitutes allow program staff to take time away and attend continuing education and training, adding to program quality and professionalism.

Consistency of Care – The service creates a pool of substitutes, meaning the same substitutes are available to choose from over and over again. That means familiar faces and consistency of care for children and staff can integrate substitutes as part of the educational team.

Introduction to Early Childhood Education – Substituting is an excellent introduction to early childhood education. Substitutes not only support existing staff, but potentially could become permanent staff at a program.

Learn how the ChildcareMatters platform streamlines providing a substitute service for your community or organization.

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