To engage, educate and empower the next generation of philanthropist.

The Acorn Society will develop a social, educational and administrative framework that will promote self-directed philanthropy within the “next generation.” It is an organization dedicated to the idea that it does not take great wealth to meaningfully and beneficially impact its community.

The Acorn Society will focus on causes and not promote a specific nonprofit to the exclusion of any other. This notwithstanding the Society will seek to give exposure to smaller, local nonprofits in its meetings. The goal is to increase philanthropy broadly, allow members to guide their own philanthropy based upon their interests, and identify smaller nonprofits where members’ efforts can make the most significant impact.

Meetings will be held quarterly and feature a social and educational component based on certain issue areas of philanthropy. Lasting no longer than two (2) hours, every meeting is open to the public. The educational piece will include speakers that offer philanthropic inspiration or technical guidance on the “how to” of philanthropy. Local nonprofits will be invited to speak and network with the group, so the Acorn Society members and guests can be better informed of the charitable opportunities in the community.

Acorn Society Membership

FOUNDING BOARD MEMBERSHIP To become a Founding Board Member, you will need to meet the following requirements: 1.    Attend quarterly meetings. 2.    Serve on a...

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Scott O’Neal

Scott O’Neal

Regional and Affiliate Initiatives Liaison

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