We envision a Middle Tennessee where children and youth can thrive, belong, and reach their full potential.

Therefore, our “Child/Youth Development and Education Grants” support nonprofit organizations or networks that implement holistic approaches to address the diverse needs of young people’s overall growth, success, and lifelong resilience – inside and outside of school.

Primary Funding Goals:

  • Promote evidence-based practices and innovative approaches that integrate academic support and instruction with social-emotional learning principles.
  • Create supportive environments during out-of-school hours that promote positive youth development and well-being.
  • Strengthen partnerships and collaborations among schools, youth-serving organizations, and families to support the holistic development of young people.

Note: While these goals highlight our funding priorities, we welcome applications from all organizations whose work aligns with the broader mission of enhancing Child/Youth Development & Education.

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CFMT’s Community Impact Grants: Child Youth Development and Education Virtual Info Session 

Youth Development

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Adnan Karim

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