Throughout the month of November, Community Foundation and are embarking on an innovative 28-day journey in anticipation of GivingTuesday. A Kindness Calendar: Countdown to GivingTuesday is designed to illuminate the multitude of ways individuals can contribute to our community. Each day at 10:00 am, A Kindness Calendar highlights a distinct avenue for giving, underscoring not just financial contributions but also the priceless gifts of time, talent, and testimony.

We acknowledge that each person has a unique form of support to provide. From volunteering at local organizations, guiding the young, and offering skilled services without charge, to coordinating peer-to-peer fundraisers or donating new or gently used items no longer needed, there are many ways to forge a positive change.

This inclusive approach aims to motivate the community by demonstrating that every person, regardless of their financial capacity, has something valuable to contribute. By championing a wide range of giving opportunities, CFMT and GivingMatters seek to mobilize greater participation, turning this year’s GivingTuesday into a remarkable day of communal support.

How To Use A Kindness Calendar

It’s easy! Hover over the graphic, and click on the image to be directed to more information or find a resource that will help you plan your GivingTuesday.

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