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IRA Charitable Rollover Information 2016

In 2015, Congress passed the IRA Charitable Rollover into permanent law, making it available to donors and charities for the foreseeable future. This provision makes it incredibly easy for donors with IRAs to ‘rollover’ up to $100,000 once they reach the age of 70½ to public charities without having to count the distributions as taxable income. We’re ready to help our donors take advantage of this legislation and make gifts during your lifetimes. Our personalized service and local expertise helps you address the issues and causes most important to you.

• It does not expand the IRA Rollover to include Donor Advised Funds, but all other initiatives and fund types (Designated, Field of Interest, Scholarship, and Unrestricted) within The Community Foundation will continue to be eligible to receive IRA Rollover funding.

• We know that the IRA Rollover provision has given donors a great reason to direct annual distributions to eligible funds and initiatives now, but we also know IRAs or other Qualified Retirement Plans are great assets that can create future gift opportunities to benefit all funds and initiatives at The Community Foundation. We encourage you to speak with you attorney or financial advisor about your interest in leaving your IRA or Qualified Retirement Plan to The Community Foundation to support an existing fund or create a new fund.

• The Community Foundation staff is available to answer questions you may have about giving from an IRA or Qualified Retirement Plan. Call Belinda Havron or Amy Fair at 615-321-4939.