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There are lessons only sports can teach. Whether at the competitive level or just a recreational one, sports often provide positive and constructive after-school activities that can be a deciding factor in a student’s decision to stay in school. And they can promote and inspire active, healthy lifestyles and life-long habits among people of all ages, all races, and all backgrounds.
Unlike almost anything else in our communities, sports unites us through common ground, and unparalleled bridges of common language, passion and camaraderie between people who otherwise would have little to talk about.

We invite you to help us “think upstream” and to focus on prevention through sports.

Sports and team membership provide:
• A sense of belonging, self-esteem, hope, and the inspiration of coaches
• A source of activity particularly in those critical after-school hours; and
• A “hook” to attract kids to nonprofit programs also offering tutoring

Help give kids in our community a chance to compete in life. Join our team as we create The Sports Fund of The Community Foundation, a permanent endowed source of funding to ensure support for Middle Tennessee nonprofit organizations providing these opportunities.

To join the team, call us at 615-321-4939. Or, make a gift now.


Statistics play an important role in sports, but counting the wins and losses goes beyond the playing field. Athletics are crucial in a child’s development.

2-to1 ratio - Boys who participate in after-school athletics do better in school, do not drop out and have a better chance to get through college

3-to-1 ratio - Girls who participate in after-school athletics do better in school, do not drop out and have a better chance to get through college
Skip Dane of Hardiness Research

17% - Percentage of children and adolescents ages two to 19 who are obese. Of those who participated in sports, the number dropped by more than half.
National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, using measured heights and weights

12,000 - Adolescents revealed that, when compared to their sedentary peers, students who participated in P.E., team sports or played with their parents were 20 percent more likely to earn "A's" in math or in English
The American Council on Exercise

Teenage female athletes are roughly half as likely to get pregnant as female non-athletes (5% and 11%, respectively)
The Women’s Sports Foundation Report: Sport and Teen Pregnancy

19% - Percentage of high school students getting the recommended level of physical activity in a physical education setting
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The Sports Fund Committee is comprised of community members who understand the importance sports can play in a young person’s life. They include business leaders, former athletes, educators, and professionals from all walks of life.

The Sports Fund Committee Members

David Williams II, Chair
Blake Adams
Cara Alexander
Roy Carter
Mike Cassity
Amy Caulkins
David Chase
R.J. Danner
Charles Davis
Pat Embry
Max Goldberg
Frank Gordon
Kerry Graham
Francis Guess
Trey Harwell
Bob Hyde
Noah Krimm
Kevin Lavender
Jeremy Lehman
Claire McCall
David McIntosh
Dee McLaughlin
Thomas Merritt
Diane Neighbors
Anthony Owens
Scott O’Neal
Tim Ozgener
Ted Peetz
Rick Regen
Jeff Powell
Herky Williams
Michael Zito